Hosh al-Gheith Restoration
Located in the most deprived and vulnerable area of the Old City, the courtyard house or hosh housed 4-5 families living in bad physical and environmental conditions. Its restoration aimed at providing better living conditions for the residents of the hosh, as part of a larger historical urban renewal of the Arab neighborhood.

The work included repaving of concrete and cement floors with stone, replacement of aluminum and metal windows with traditional wooden windows and mashrabiyyas, provision of three new toilets and two kitchens, and the installation of new electrical wiring and lighting on the exterior and interior.

Source: Old City Jerusalem Revitalisation Programme
Tariq al-Wad Street, accessed from Suq al-Qattanin or Bab al-Silsila, Jerusalem
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restored 1999
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Hosh al Gheith (Hawsh el Gheith)
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