Shadia Yousef Touqan

Architect, conservationist and director of Old City of Jerusalem Revitalisation Programme, Shadia Touqan graduated with a Baccalaureate degree in Architecture in 1969 from Cairo University. She obtained a Masters in Urban Design from Manchester University in 1981, and attained a PhD in Urban Development and Planning from Development  Planning Unit/ Bartlett School of Architecture from the University of London in 1995. She worked as an architect on a number of projects in the UK, Jordan, UAE, other Arab countries and is an expert on urban development of Palestinian towns.

Shadia is the Chief Technical Advisor for USESCO in Yemen, Director of the Old City of Jerusalem Revitalization plan since November 1997, and is an expert on cultural heritage preservation and revitalization of historic cities with a number of  international organizations such as the World Bank and UNESCO. She has not only published a number of papers and articles on the subject of preservation of cultural  heritage. She won the prestigious Aga Khan Award for Architecture for her work in Jerusalem in 2004.

Source: Mosaic Foundation

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