Hosh Nuseibeh Restoration

A restoration by the Technical Office of the Old City of Jerusalem Revitalisation Programme (OCJRP) that restored a stone, courtyard house in the Old City and fitted it with modern utilities and connected it to water, sewage, and electric infrastructure. 

OCJRP projects have included the restoration of some of the most famous landmarks in Jerusalem that had fallen into disrepair and neglect through poor infrastructure, pollution and damage from nature and man. Efforts have concentrated on buildings in the environs of al-Haram al-Sharif and in areas such as Aqabat al-Khalidiyya and Bab Hutta that have been identified as among the most threatened and neediest. Projects have included buildings housing educational, cultural, social, commercial, and health services of various Jerusalem institutions. The restoration work has provided more than 71,000 working days for Jerusalem workers.

The aim of conservation is the daily utilization of historic buildings since this integrates the structures into the community and is one of the best methods to protect it against physical damage. Some creative solutions have been found for adaptive reuse of neglected buildings by restoring the structure to use through providing modern facilities while protecting the historic and architectural features.

SourceOld City of Jerusalem Revitalisation Programme

Aqabet al-Khaldieh, Jerusalem
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restored 1999
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Nuseibeh House
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