Milta Vacation Village
Antalya, Türkiye
In 1984. Milliyet Holding, a company specialized in tourist development projects applied to obtain some land to build a first class holiday village. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism designated a site for the village and Milta, a Milliyet Holding affilliate, was commissioned for its construction.

The village was built on a stretch of virgin land lying between a mountain range and the Mediterranean coastline, at a small distance from Kemer, the latter town is situated some 38km to the south-west of Antalya. The area is abundantly wooded with pine trees and the beaches are covered with pebbles.

Milta Vacation village comprises guest units with a capacity of 900 beds and a series of commercial and recreational facilities including: a shopping arcade with a Turkish coffee-house; an amphitheatre; a bar; two restaurants; a swimming pool; a Turkish bath; a night club; and a sports club.

The overall layout follows that of a traditional village, with narrow, shaded streets running perpendicular to the sea so as to enhance the cooling effect of sea breezes. Life focuses in the village centre where the social, commercial and recreational activities are grouped. The design has been guided by the geographic and cultural environment of the southern Anatolian coast and borrows from local domestic architecture. The most prominent traditional feature used throughout is the hayats (open spaces covered with a tiled gable roof, supported on a wooden structure), notably seen in the restaurant, amphitheatre, reception building and shopping arcade. Wooden screens have systematically been placed on windows and bay-windows to further climatic control, the otherwise traditional hammam comprises an open air pool.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Antalya, Türkiye
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Ground floor area: 13,683 m²; total site area: 26,247 m²
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Milta Tatil Köyü
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