Antalya dates to the first century BC, when it was founded by Attalus II of Pergamon. The harmonious physical reminders of the various civilizations that took turns in ruling the city bear witness to Turkish culture's ability to absorb and blend the sometimes opposing characteristics of its heritage. Examples of this heritage to be found in the city include the Roman harbour and the double-walled Roman fortress; Hadrian's Gate; Karaali Park; the Roman Temple, which was transformed into the Byzantine Church of the Virgin Mary and then the Seljuk Mosque of Korkut Camii; the Kesik Minare; the Yivli minaret; and the gracious old Hayat Ottoman Turkish houses of Kaleici (Old Antalya) near the Roman fortress. 

Antalya is the chief city on Turkey's central Mediterranean coast. Agriculture, shipping, light industry and tourism have helped the city prosper since the 1960s, and it continues to grow at a fast pace.

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