Federal University of the Cameroon
Yaoundé, Cameroon

The Federal University of the Cameroon, later renamed University of Yaoundé 1, was designed to accommodate 2,000 students, envisaging 4,000 in the future, and comprised three faculties - Law, Sciences, and Arts - as well as halls of residence, a restaurant for 1,200 people, and extensive sporting facilities. Incorporated within the University, but designed as a separate project, was a Centre for Health Sciences.

Extensive use was made of local materials including a range of woods and local stone which was the main element in many of the facades and the garden bearing walls. The roofs of some indoor spaces were designed as hyperbolic paraboloids. Decoration involved significant collaboration with local artists and sculptors, especially from the Bamileke and Bamoun ethnic groups.


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Yaoundé, Cameroon
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Construction: 1973
Variant Names
Federal University of the Cameroon
Formerly known as
University of Yaoundé I
Université Fédérale du Cameroun
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modern architecture