IJIA Volume 10, Number 1 (2021)
This collection contains abstracts for the research articles in International Journal of Islamic Architecture, Volume 10, Number 1 (2021). This issue, published on the tenth anniversary of the publication's foundation, is dedicated to assessing the current state of the field of Islamic architecture from a variety of perspectives. To access the abstracts, click the orange "view the collections" button.

Full contents of Volume 10, Number 1

  1. Gharipour, Mohammad. "Facing Challenges Through Innovation: Redefining the Field of Islamic Architecture at IJIA." pp. 5-10.
  2. Blessing, Patricia, Heather L. Ferguson and Kivanç Kilinç. "Islamic Architecture in Print: Reflections on Ten Years of IJIA." pp. 11-15.
  3. Coslett, Daniel E. "Views of Islamic Architecture and on the Field: Photographs from IJIA’s First Decade." pp. 17-36.
  4. Khan, Hasan-Uddin. "Transitions: A Postscript." pp. 37-44.
  5. Rabbat, Nasser. "Continuity and Rupture in Islamic Architecture." pp. 47-55.
  6. Blair, Sheila S. and Jonathan M. Bloom. "The Study of Islamic Architecture: Reflections on an Expanding Field." pp. 57-73.
  7. O'Kane, Bernard. "Widening the Horizons for the Study of Islamic Architecture."
  8. Ruggles, D. Fairchild. "From Garden to Landscape: Lessons from the Taj and the Alhambra." pp. 89-98.
  9. Um, Nancy. "A Field Without Fieldwork: Sustaining the Study of Islamic Architecture in the Twenty-first Century." pp. 99-109.
  10. Bogdanović, Jelena. "Reorienting Perspectives: Why I Do Not Teach a Course Titled ‘Islamic Architecture'." pp. 113-126.
  11. Michelsen, Leslee Katrina. "Curating the ‘Islamic’: The Personal and the Political." pp. 127-136.
  12. Correia, Jorge. "Displaying Islamic Arts in Global Cities." pp. 137-146.
  13. Micklewright, Nancy. "Islamic Architecture on the Move: Publishing Architectural History in the Digital Age." pp. 147-158.
  14. Smith, Sharon C. "Documenting Islamic Architecture: Objectives and Outcomes in a Time of War." pp. 159-170.
  15. Korn, Lorenz. "Illustrating Islamic Architecture: On Visual Presentation and Scholarship." pp. 171-190.
  16. Mclaren, Brian L. "Modern Architecture and Colonialism in the Islamic World." pp. 193-202.
  17. Akkach, Samer. "Neo-Eurocentrism and Science: Implications for the Historiography of Islamic Art and Architecture." pp. 203-215.
  18. Bin Tajudeen, Imran. "Carving an Epistemological Space for Southeast Asia: Historiographical and Critical Engagements." pp. 217-232.
  19. Nitzan-Shiftan, Alona. "Silencing Palestinian Architectural History in Israel: Reflections on Scholarship and Activism." pp. 233-243.
  20. Badran, Rasem. "A Trinity of Values in Architecture for Muslim Societies." pp. 247-256.
  21. Mumtaz, Kamil Khan. "Relevance, Tradition, and Practice in Islamic Architecture: A Personal Journey." pp. 257-267.
  22. Prakash, Vikramaditya. "The ‘Islamic-Modern’ Project in this Age of Uncertainty." pp. 269-280.
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